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Ark a Club for Furries

Okay Furries are kind of important so pay attention

They are an non human identity, and many hand out only with furries. They can be anythign from rabbits to beasts, but they tend to be gendered along human lines. Some people actually take on the AV of animals and tend not to be furies.

Furry fandom is a fandom devoted to anthropomorphic animal characters.[1][2] Since the 1980s, the term furries has come to refer to su

ch characters.[3][4][5]

Fictional work celebrated by furry fandom typically attributes high-level intelligence, human facial expressions and anatomy, speech, bipedalism, clothing, or other attributes to otherwise animal characters. Work in any medium that includes such characters may be considered part of the furry genre, although they are most often seen in comics, cartoons, animated films, allegorical novels, and video games.

Members of the furry subculture are often known as furry fans, furries, or simply furs.[6] They commonly interact online and at furry conventions.[7]

Islands and other locations
Islands are user-owned simulators within Second Life. You can buy your own island but the price to play is pretty steep: $1675 for start up costs and a server (you don't own the server itself though and due to multiple CPU servers, you are effectively buying space on a single CPU for your island), as well as $295 a month maintenance fee. Islands, as opposed to the mainland, get a dedicated processor to run on. Mainland sims (regions) may have to share resources with up to 3 other neighboring regions. An additional benefit is that purchasing an island allows you to contact the Linden Concierge directly with questions, bypassing the standard technical support lines and forums.
Prior to the creation of islands, every simulator belonged to a large land mass. Regions of these simulators sometimes ended up dedicated to specific groups, including the furry fandom.
There are currently a number of furry-owned or themed islands and regions in Second Life:

The Lobby at Luskwood, the primary hangout for many furs
[edit] Luskwood
Luskwood consists of two sims/regions, Lusk and Perry, with some elements spilling into Clara; PG-rated, though not heavy on rules (for example, unlike most PG areas, weapons are allowed in Luskwood), Luskwood (started in mid-2003) is the oldest Furry-themed area in SL. Though not an island in practice (it resides on the SL mainland,) these regions are wholly owned by the Luskwood group, and can be considered its own furry-themed area.
It is home to Luskwood Creatures, the first furry avatar makers on SL. Luskwood builds many varieties of furry avatars, and is considered a sister-sim to, and administered by some of the same folks who run Taco.
Luskwood has been the center of controversy resulting from accusations from some SL users that the administration and owners of Luskwood have undue influence over Linden Lab policy. Several Linden employees, such as Frontier Linden, frequent Luskwood, and there have been accusations of unfair bans given at the request of Luskwood staff. In addition, some have proposed that Lusk's purported influence resulted in the reduction of sculpted primitive LOD (the way they look from afar), due to lobbying to have their tree (which uses such primitives) look better.[citation needed]
See also: Luskwood

[edit] FurPleasure

The FP Sim logo, with the marketplace backdrop
A mature friendly furry themed sim cluster including a popular club, shopping area and residential areas in FP Enigma, Owned and run by a group of dedicated sim admins headed by Foxdie Ghia and Kit Keiko. The sim is dedicated to and run in the memory of AOD Enigma, Providing a fun and stimulating place for all furs and nonfurs to relax and socialise
Started as a small club in the highflyer sim, and then expanded into sprawler due to further need for space. The first sim was purchased shortly after was co-owned by Iyeyasu Muromachi (who now owns Asian Delight) and AOD Enigma. AoD Enigma passed away in 2006 at the age of 21, and the sims ownership was moved over to Foxdie Ghia who currently owns the sim.
[edit] FurNation Worlds

The Luxor on FurNation Prime
FurNation Worlds is a group of several simulators run by the crew at FurNation.
Each of their simulators seems to serve a particular purpose.
FurNation Alpha is a residential area with a medieval theme.
FurNation Vista is a sandbox with residential areas.
FurNation Gamma is a sandbox with residential areas.
FurNation Prime is the welcome area and general starting point for FurNation.
FurNation Worlds Mall is a commercial simulator for people to sell items from rented vendor spots.
Prices range from L$50/week to L$1500/week depending on location, size, and type of spot rented.
FurNAtion Phoenix is a residential simulator.
FurNation Mythica is primarily a residential simulator.
The Club called The Ark recently relocated to the east side of this simulator.
FurNation Dragon is a residential simulator.
Purgatory is a themed simulator connected to FurNation.
Drakeal Prime is a residential sim connected to FurNation.
Drakeal Tui is a simulator connected to FurNation by extension of Drakeal Prime.
FurNation Polaris is a mountainous residential simulator owned by Mathuen Lagerlof.
See also: FurNation Worlds

[edit] The Forest

Treehouse apartments in The Forest
The Forest was the first furry-oriented island in Second Life.
The Forest is under Anshe Chung's ownership and is a part of the DreamLand continent developed by her.
See also: The Forest

[edit] Fur Valleys

Map of the Fur Valleys island chain, June 2007

Dancing babyfur in Cub Conclave
The largest chain of furry-themed islands in Second Life to date, often known simply as The Valleys.
The first island in this chain was founded in November 2005 by RedFox Costello. Since then, the island chain has grown, with the addition of many new islands. These include:
Fox Valley, a residential island, owned by Redfox Costello
Wolf Valley and Jaguar Valley, a residential island, owned by Mako Minogue
Tiger Valley, a residential island, owned by Foxkin Impfondo
FlyinTails Airfield, an aircraft-themed island, owned by Effsey Nelson
Rabbit Valley, a residential island, owned by Foxkin Impfondo
Dragon Valley, containing the Foxkin Rentals offices, owned by Foxkin Impfondo
Ryu Valley, a volcanic island, owned by Foxkin Impfondo
The Macro Room, devoted to macro furries, is located here
Istaria Prime, owned by Crawler Woyseck
Serenity Woods, a recreation of the original The Forest, originally run by the former The Forest guides, but now owned by Mako Minogue
Critter Valley, a residential island, owned by kodi Sachs
Zeta Valley, a zoophilia-themed island, owned by Wolphin Fluffball
Neko Valley, a residential island, owned by Foxkin Impfondo
Otter Valley, a residential island, owned by Foxkin Impfondo
Cub Conclave, a babyfur-themed island, owned by Raven Welesa
Kit Estates, a babyfur-themed residential island, owned by Raven Welesa
Pony Island
Furry Park, a residential island, owned by Effsey Nelson
Cheetah Valley, a residential island, owned by Foxkin Impfondo
Ferret Valley, a residential island, owned by Foxkin Impfondo
Meerkat Valley, a commercial island, owned by Foxkin Impfondo
Cougar Valley, a mountainous residential island, owned by Foxkin Impfondo
Lynx Valley, a river-run residential island, owned by Foxkin Impfondo
Mink Valley, a paw-print shaped residential island, owned by Foxkin Impfondo
Lemming Valley, a residential island with steep cliffs, owned by Foxkin Impfondo, pays homage to the 1991 video game "Lemmings"
The Fur Valleys also include many ocean regions (also known as voids), all owned by Foxkin Impfondo. Most are each rentable as an entire region, but all allow visitors and residents to sail around the greater part of the Valleys. These voids include:
Dragons Void, a rentable void, managed by djomnifusion Snickerdoodle
Kitsune Sea, a fox-shaped island, managed by Autumnfox Vesperia
Strianic Ocean, a dragon-shaped island, managed by Stria Teazle
Onyx Ocean, a rentable void, managed by Cera Watts
BlueRay Sea, a rentable void
Geckos Void, a rentable void
Moonlight Sea, a rentable void in the shape of a crescent moon
Sydney Sea, a rentable void
Crocodile Rock, a rentable void named after the song by Elton John
Dolphin Deep, a rentable void
Drakes Void, a rentable void
Kitten Cove, a rentable void
Raccoon Lagoon, a rentable void
Salamander Sea, a rentable void
Yang Sea, a rentable void in the shape of the yang half of the yin-yang symbol
Yin Sea, a rentable void in the shape of the yin half of the yin-yang symbol
See also: Fur Valleys

[edit] Rocket City FurMeet
The Rocket City FurMeet sim contains an exact replica of the hotel that the real life convention is held in.
The sim is staffed and upkept by many of the real life staff members of RCFM, headed by Lacy Amberwolf.
At the end of each real life RCFM, the staff posts a banner that states Welcome Home! to returning con-goers.
Numerous dances are hosted throughout the year.
[edit] Dragon Spire
The Dragon Spire is a club catering towards dragons and avians but does not make any restrictions on species. The club is located in the Southwest corner of of the Drachen simulator.
The club is known for its public sex and cuddle poseballs, volunteer DJs, and a side wing with rooms for those wanting to use a SexGen bed.
The club has restrictions on building and scripting for non-club members which effectively prevents the most abusive griefing, and one can only become a club member if invited by member of sufficient authority.
[edit] Abbotts Aerodrome

Abbotts Aerodrome
Abbotts Aerodrome bills itself as "the most famous airport in Second Life". Occasionally referred to as Abbotts Furrodrome, Abbotts is among the most fur-friendly airports in Second Life. The Aerodrome features free demo flights, a skydiving center, A.I. flights, and shops owned by some of the leading aircraft designers in Second Life. Founded by Apotheus Silverman and Cubey Terra in 2004, Abbotts Aerodrome is a center for aircraft development and skydiving.

The town center of Alchera.
[edit] Alchera
A Furry based roleplay island sim, it is based within the medieval era and holds a fantasy/Oriental theme. Opened to the public on January 20th, 2007, it is the first serious adult roleplay sim made expressly for furries and anthro players. Created as an open and friendly role play environment, it is open to all anthros of any race, mythology and preference.
Other then roleplay, it also offers quiet and relaxing oriental themed residential housing for $400L a week for 1024sq meters. Personal housing costs $150L for a room of a player’s choice plus 50 additional prims. [1]
[edit] Gay Yiffy Club
Gay Yiffy Club is a popular furry nightclub, partially due to the open and welcoming atmosphere for every species, gender or alignment (even though its name suggests to cater only to gay male furs). Originally built by Senjin Soothsayer and managed by Kiroja Fluffy and Darkfoxx Bunyip. It's not even an island SIM, yet it's traffic surpasses most islands. The club is commonly referred to by its abbreviation GYC and thanks it's popularity mostly to the very active staff containing dancers, DJs and Bartenders. The club features dance-floor, bar, darkroom, stage, pool, private rooms, lounge area and a separately located shopping area.
Unlike other clubs, public display of intimacy is not frowned upon, and even encouraged.
[edit] Rainbow Tiger
Originally a dance club owned by Spike Nico and an adjoining mall owned by Shadow Garden in the Cleary region, Rainbow Tiger has expanded onto a full island. Rainbow Tiger currently has: Club Rainbow Tiger, a large dance club with live DJ's spinning tunes regularly as well as a swimming pool, events center, and an exercise room. Additional description is available on the Rainbow Tiger page. The trio of Rainbow sims have been awarded Developer's Incentive awards 3 times by Linden Lab since Rainbow Tiger was founded back in Cleary.
A second island named Rainbow Stallion was added at the end of March 2006, and is designated a residential area. In 2006, a decision was made to change the ownership of the sims. Rainbow Tiger became fully owned by Spike Nico, and Rainbow Stallion became fully owned by Shadow Garden. Then, in 2007, an additional sim Rainbow Canyon was added to give both the mall and club additional room to expand. Rainbow Canyon is also owned Shadow Garden. All 3 sims are rated 'mature', and are open to all species.
In 2007, a new island, Lykaois, joined the fold as the first independent sim. It is owned by Valdis Damone, and his mate Redwolf Ghia. This island is, however, a private island requiring an invite to enter.
Additional islands are in the process of being approved and added, the earliest one coming online in January 2008.
See also: Rainbow Tiger

[edit] Tartarus Island
The new home of The Fur Dungeon, a club that once existed on the mainland. Underwater dungeon areas and an array of domes (including, presently, a mall and movie dome) complement the club itself. Created by Musuko Massiel.
[edit] EuroFur Exodus, also called EXTRA
Furry themed sim especially made for french and european furries, maintained by rafa226 Lubitsch and a few members. Located in a sim named EuroFur, it moved to a sim named Extra. This sim includes a club, a small shop, a beach, some yiff houses and a movie theater. Those weeks, a pet auction market have been built, and is a great success.
[edit] Oinari
This furry themed island sim is the headquarters of Furry Japan owned by Fakefur Okonomi, founder of Furry Japan. The island is divided among the officers of Furry Japan, who do a variety of experimental shops and houses. Japanese is naturally the primary language here, and visitors are recommended to bring a translator HUD or fluency
[edit] The Wild
Furry Myst themed island owned by Shaun Wallaby.
[edit] Mythos Prometheus
Mature-rated furry-themed island sim run by Sabvriel Padar, (liberum veto) Solus Candour and Msakaji Yoshiro. Mostly a residential island, with laid back rules, several houses nestled amid beautiful landscaping, and apartments for rent up in the sky. Also hosts a small shop for vendors, and The Hangar club. Residence in the sky apartments is one of the most affordable at 100L$ per week for 100 prims, which makes them popular and causes a waiting list to accumulate for the space. The residents of the skyboxes are among the more friendly 'neighbourhood' style cliques and as a new denizen of the sim you can expect sudden visits from the other residents.
[edit] Coonspiracy
Southwest corner of Noonkkot sim, a hangout for raccoons, gators, swamp foxes, and the like.
[edit] Meeting Island
Mature-rated furry-themed island sim run by Pounce Teasle. Raccoon Hill, formerly Fae Valley from the Fur Valleys sim conglomerate, was added in May, 2006, but has since vacated. Meeting Island is best known for the furry escort establishment, The Seven Tails Brothel.
[edit] Lost Furest

Pawprint lake at Lost Furest, welcoming visitors.
Home to the Lost Furest Creatures furry avatars, founded by Cheetah Kitty.
As of 2008, LFC has gained more avatar creators.
As of early 2007, the Lost Furest redesigned their look to set focus on the avatars they sell. The name actually represents the act of being at rest or as we call it "Fur-Rest". When visiting you will find LFC avatars in the center tree, then surrounding it would be the 4 seasons of spring, summer, fall, and winter.

The (new new) Lost FurestRecently got it's own sim named The Lost Furest, and the new region has gone under another redesign. The four season theme has been kept, however the tree is no longer located at the center of the region. In addition the sandbox area have been redesigned with a beach theme.
Near the "summer" section there's a dance platform, with live DJ session every week.
This island sim is "Mature" rated. However, visitors are asked to keep mature activities at a minimum on ground level.
A mature "no-clothes" club named "Cloud 9" is also on this sim, located high above ground (and won't show up on maps).
Lost Ferals is another branch of the LFC avatar line which focuses on feral animals.
Two regions are exclusively open to Lost Feral avatar owners, added around July 2008.
Awarded Developer's Incentive awards three times by Linden Lab and has recently become a heavy traffic area, earning the islands name in the top 20 most popular places often.
See also: Lost Furest
Collecting donations for Island upkeep fees is a popular activity on islands, furry or otherwise.
[edit] Furry Plateau
Furry plateau is teengrid's oldest furry hangout (3.75 years now), and was originally founded by Reggie Marquez and Inuyasha Overlord. The hangout was originally a 1024 plot for the "brothers" to live in. After some time, Reggie's account was disabled due to payment issues, and Inuyasha Overlord continue to take care of the parcel until it moved to Gordon, where it became a mainstream hangout.
After a year, Inuyasha also left the parcel due to payment issues. Shortly after, Reggie returned on an alternate account, Reggie Clifton, and brought FP back to teengrid alongside Phox Sillanpaa, in the hope that it would become mainstream again, which it did. Furry Plateau quickly reached the top of the pop-list with its "housing for homeless furs" - a program started in order to help new furries adjust to the community. This housing project became big enough to put FP at the top of the popular list for another six months.
The land soon became too small to contain the community and the group continued on to create the FP Peacelands alongside Nicelus Borelly. The "four founding furs" now continue the community on the sims Citivas and Leviathan. On February 5th 2009, FP will begin its build up on the Main Grid. It will remain totally PG and no "Bits or Bobbers" will be allowed upon it. Other than that hardly any strict rules will be placed upon visitors.
[edit] TSL Fur Fest
Teen Second Life (TSL) Fur Fest (TSLFF) is the Teen Grid's first furry and anthropomorphics convention. TSLFF was founded by Ferret Surface (Ferret Vulpsi) and the first TSLFF was held in 2007 on August 17th, 18th, and 19th mainly in the sim of Unreal. The convention was mainly attended by members of the FP, FN (TSL), and Tiamat communities however the con was a grid wide event and made history as the first furry convention (or convention of any kind for that matter) to be held on the Teen Grid.
[edit] Castle Dark Haven

Castle Dark Haven
Castle Dark Haven is a huge furry castle located within an ancient mystical forest on Growl1. Owned and operated by Growl Fardel and Nilsninian Dryke, the castle and forest offer many distractions. Concealed surprises may also be found by unsuspecting adventurers within the vastness of the castle.
Rated mature, Dark Haven is open to all furs and offers an Avatar Shopping Center, the Twisted Tails Dance Club, private skyboxes, a yiff lounge, yiff dungeon, hot tub area and beautiful scenic areas for peaceful relaxation.

[edit] Drachen & Amaru
These two estates are run by Draconian Estates, a subsidiary of Draconian Enterprises.
Drachen is a scaly and furry region that is home to the Dragon Spire. one of the most popular and well established dragon clubs in Second Life. It also features the Draconian Trading Post (commonly referred to as The SpaceBagel), a space station themed store, featuring a round table like placement system for vendors, giving everyone an equal exposure rate.
Amaru is a region to the west of Drachen that is the home of a new Anthro club "Constellation. The region also contains an art gallery known as the Mouseface Gallery, HermHQ, Doog Labs, Pavi's Avi's and The Water Plant (formerly The Tool Shed) which are all part of Hantu's collective lands and now the new home of ZZ Studios. Residences in this world are part of the 'Spamalot' subdivision and can be found on the ground around the club in addition to the sky at 400m.
Both regions have land for leasing as well. The rate is L$2200 a month through Second Life, of $8USD through paypal for 1024 meters. The rental system is managed by Swythe Quirksettle.
As of July 2008, both regions were placed in the top 10 list for furry adult in Second Life.

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