Saturday, 19 July 2008

The World Rezzing

A party on New Land shows the often terribly slow. The word rez comes from the grand-daddy of cyber culture movies: Tron. Tron established the vist visions of a cyberspace, and virtual reality. Later the generation who saw Tron read Neuromancers and the Snow Crash and saw The Matrix.

In time the scene rezs, but before emmersion must happen there is a time or lag. This lag is the most hated of features of the Second Life architecture.

More client side processing of open sourced clothing descript language CDXML would speed things up.

One thing also to speed things up would be an alt image for all graphic rendered skins or other objects. This would mean you would more fade in to existence, and not have to be blurry.

Rober1236 Jua the Cyber Trekker of Second Life
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