Saturday, 19 July 2008

True vs Virtual Victorian images

The Virtual love of the Victorian has long been reflected in the myth that a Victorian computer had been designed by Babbage that could work. This is not true, the design could never have worked, it was too complex to be mechanical.

And Babbage himself lacked the kind of personality that could get a massive project like this even started, fighting with his designer and making enemies.

And yet these 2 Victorians are raised to a special status in Virtual Reality.

Generating a Virtual Victorian image of ease and imagination, build out of Verne and not history.

Re-imagining a world of stone and iron as a magic land of invention and beauty that defies our modern age.

We must start in looking at a romantic view of the Victorian from the historical artifacts left of that period

Frankly they are grim. The Victorian was an ugly time. But it was also a time where a mass media presented the middle classes with a false image of their nation and its role in the world.

Steampunk is in fact an effort to cleanse this more.

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