Saturday, 5 July 2008

Time Machine 2002

The Time Machine 2002 is loosely based on the time machine from the “Time Machine” movie of 2002, an update of the 1960 version based on H.G. Wells’ famous story. Concept and design are by ambiant Kukulcan whose original time machine model from the 1960 movie is still a SecondLife wonder and is still available. Much of the scripting work is the creation of Kalisten VanDornan to whom we tip our hat.

In addition to being an interesting object on its own, the time machine works. Well….sort of.

Here’s what happens. If you right click on the machine and choose “time trav” from the pie menu, you’ll find yourself sitting on the machine. Chose where you want to go in the past, future, or even the present and touch the button for that era. You’ll be presented with a menu of choices. Select one of the choices. You’ll see the distortion around you as the time continuum begins to warp.
Then, watch the control panel until the yellow button begins to flash. When it does, touch the yellow button. A map will come up, locating the place in the past, present, or future you chose. If you hit “teleport” on the map, you’ll actually go to that sim in Secondlife. Note that the time machine itself does not go anywhere. At this time, LL does not permit the teleportation of objects to avoid griefing tactics. The time warp continuum effect continues for about 35 seconds and then stops. If you teleport, you’ll have to return to the time machine by teleporting back to where you left it. It’s a good idea to put the machine close to your home position and just use teleport home from the menus.

Note that at present, anyone can use the machine, but no one can copy it or take it.
The time machine is copyable by the owner and we recommend that you immediately make a backup copy just in case. The machine is not modable at this time.
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