Friday, 18 July 2008

SL Bridal Expo 2008

2008 "Say I Do" Bridal Expo
July 17-July 27th

Join us for an incredible two week experience as we explore the glamourous and elegant world of SL Weddings. The 2008 "Say I Do" Bridal Expo will run from July 17 to July 27 at the Monogram Virtua Convention Center featuring wedding venues and luxury services spanning beyond weddings to include spa, resorts and more.

We've planned spectacular events you won't want to miss including live entertainment, fashion shows and wonderful giveways for all to enjoy!

Come visit the booths and tour the grounds to learn more about various services, items for purchase and opportunities for freebies and giveaways! We welcome all, not just brides, as the Expo will feature luxury items and the finer things SL has to offer.

Sound interesting? Have more questions? Contact Tooley Renoir or Aliciana Decosta for additional details or visit the "Say I Do" Bridal Expo HQ location and website:

The 2008 "Say I Do" Bridal Expo is brought to you by:
Majestic Weddings
Monogram Virtua
Serenity Day Spa
Zhao Shoes
Weddings by Jill
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Wolf Mountain Ski Resorts
Weddings For All by Seasoned
Fanastacia Weddings

Marriage is perhaps the thing that interests me the most about Second Life. In my travels around Second Life I think I have seen maybe five or six SL marriages. During that same time I was to one RL marriage and that was the only RL marriage I have been to in 10 years (that and my own)

I am holding off on an pet theories about why marriage is popular in Second Life. Many people say because they can't in RL or because the traditional wedding is gone from RL; but I still am not convinced. A lot of people with SL marriages are married in RL and a lot of people in RL have massive big weddings.

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