Monday, 7 July 2008

Me and other explorers

Greetings, Explorer!
You are invited to join us on our excursion to Seacliff! Fallingwater Cellardoor will guide us on a tour of this lovely sim. We'll meet at Orange Island and TP over as a group.
Seacliff was the first land locked sim to be up for auction and only the second full sim attached to the mainland to be auctioned (the first being Indigo). It is surrounded by water and has a dramatic mountaintop ridge near the center. It is now home to the Wood Elf Group who maintain a beautiful, natural environment.

WHEN: July 7, 2008 - 12:00PM PDTWHERE: Meet at Orange Island - 􀀀WHO: Everyone is invited! IM Jade Lily or Fab Outlander if you have any questions.
Metaverse Explorers is a group in Second Life maintained by the Orange team that regularly experiences guided tours of various new and interesting places in Second Life. The group is free to join and open to everyone.

We gather for our exploration
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