Thursday, 17 July 2008

Loco Poco

[12:16] Damien Fate: THe product here is a new form of avatar, a 'tiny' of sorts - but in reality is a real revolution in avatar design. Using top quality sculpting, texturing, animating and scripting, I have created a product that looks and performs like no other in SL.
[12:16] Tuturial is not yet complete, however you may view a temporary demo video :)
[12:16] Damien Fate: The avatars come with a full range of emotions, 12 in fact, and 12 gestures, all activated through the hud and SL gestures. The hud also has many icons that will enable you to customise your avatar within seconds. Each avatar comes with many customisation options to make it your own, and they're even copy/modify.
[12:16] Damien Fate: The avatars can be made even more individual with the purchase of accessories, any accessory sold here is compatible with Loco Pocos avatars and the HUD. Once an accessory is attached, it will stream a list of options directly to the HUD, so you can modify straight away with no hasstle. You can later return to that items' customisation options by either navigating through the language free HUD or simply left cliking the attachment.
[12:16] Damien Fate: The boxes here are also an interesting design, made like toyboxes complete with 'try me' buttons in which you can preview each attachment and avatars visual options before purchase

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