Thursday, 17 July 2008

A Globe

They are “Real” architect that had produced many architectural projects in physical world, and also, they are “Virtual” architect in Second Life, too. In “Digital Design Competition 2007” (I was a jury member), they won the Grand-prix of competiton.

They got a cooperation by Japanese information- technology company “GMO Tea-cup communications inc.”, and realized their idea in Second Life, “The museum of the globe (slurl)“.

Surprisingly, this beautiful and strange structure was constructed by auto-modeling system. First of all, they prepared the expression for this shape by Excel. and next, auto-modeling system made everything automatically. This modeling process took only 1 or 2 hours.

I will make a collaborative work with them in “3D-Internet archive of architecture and city environment of Japan and Brazil” and “Kisyo Kurokawa in Metaverse project”. I will announce about these project soon. [Posted by Hidenori Watanave on Archidemo - Architecture in Metaverse]

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