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The Dragon and the Buttercup by Telitha Merlin: Fiction, Location Link

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From Notecard sent to me with this palces as a link about The Dragon and the Buttercup by Telitha Merlin: Discussion in Second Life-Wednesday-July 30, 2008-6:30 PM SLT Fiction & Lattes


The Dragon and the Buttercup by Telitha Merlin

"The Dragon and the Buttercup
"Aziloth was a brash young dragon, full of fire, arrogance, and pride, such that comes from being young. He was only a few millenia old, and quite sure of himself. He ignored the elder dragons of his home, faraway Gryntalyth, and scuffed at their old ways and knowledge. He was quite powerful and in his prime, and other dragons chose to tolerate him, and not confront him over his decisions and opinions. He might have been considered for leadership had he not been so set in his own ways. He had found no favor amongst his clan, but he didn't care to lead or follow, and was "his own dragon". He had fought many battles and won them all, and with each victory his roar became louder, and his fiery breath stronger...."

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