Thursday, 24 July 2008

Don't I have a life?

My two primary AV incarnations: Rober1236 and the Lady. Here they are exploring New Babbage.

Don't I have a Life?

Maybe not. Miriam Milo asked me about the amount of time I must spend on Second Life blogging. Though I don't track my time well I use a set of tolls that helps speed the process up a great deal.

Firstly is bookmarked on my computer and over the last year I have gotten very good at understanding it and how Second Life SIMS are put together. Getting the SLURL is still the hardest part of the expedition but also I think the most important.

As for blogging the images I use Blogger which links to Picasa so that is easy. I take the photo and Picasa from Google detects it. I can then crop it and blog it by pushing a button. So as I am in SL I am blogging most of the time. This is why people sometimes think I am rude. Well actually I often wonder on stages and in to things and am so busy blogging I don't notice people IMing me.


But the speed enables me to link image, links, and text to SLURLS which then links to Second Life's VR. This means that work like mine is making much of the space of Second Life machine readable.

For example imagine the photo above with an SLURL. If I blog it with text "Steampunk Victorian clothing in New Babbage" and some text along with some links to Steampunk web sites and communities Google can index the blog post and thus form some statistical quess as to what the link in to SL means. The more of these kinds of SLURLs in place for Second Life the more Google can know about the space of Second Life.

My great regret is the lack of comments. In my previous blogging work with Maria Hooker we used to get hundreds of comments per week and it really improved our ability to tell Google what was going on. I think the lack of comments is tied to the small SL community at this point and I hope that as the VR community increases I will get more feedback.

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