Sunday, 22 June 2008

Twelfth Night in Second Life


Of shipwrecked twins separated in a foreign land, love triangles mixed
with identity confusion, and girl masquerading as guy falling in love
with her noble… The SL Shakespeare Company takes a brief hiatus from
Hamlet to pursue a full length performance of Twelfth Night—broken
down into "bite-size" chunks in a series of full-costume staged
readings. The production will be performed by a moving cast, and
audience members from the last week who wish to enlist would have the
possible chance to make the cast.

According to director Enniv Zarf, "This production is an experimental
way of performing Shakespeare. But hey we are in Second Life. If we
can't try it here, where else could we possibly try this." Ina
Centaur, Artistic Director, tells of the visual differences in this
production, "The SL Shakespeare Company is known for our unlimited
extravagance in visual adornments and animations. Because it is a
staged reading, the overall look of this particular production will be
distinctly different. The outfits will be grayscale to emphasize that
this is a staged reading, and because we have a possible shifting cast
with the same person playing multiple characters on the staged reading
stage, we may use scripted changing sculpted masks."

The performances are from June 20 to July 20, an Act a week, every
Fridays at 7 PM, Saturdays at 11 AM, and Sundays as 3 PM.

The SL Shakespeare Company is the premier professional Shakespeare
performance troupe in the virtual world of Second Life. The Company
performs in a meticulously accurate replica of the Globe Theatre ( ). Since 2007, it has continued to
provide immersive live Shakespearean theatre accessible to anyone
anywhere in the world with a high speed Internet connection.

For more details on this and other SL Shakespeare Company productions,
please visit
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