Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Star Trek RP in Second Life

Here in the Federation Starflet you can sign up for RP with crews of Federation ships

Real treky communication in Second Life

[8:23] Kalmak Lockjaw: As anyone seen Mr. data about today i i here he was asking about me the other day
[8:24] IM: meghan Lundquist: well congradulations
[8:24] Kalmak Lockjaw: Has*
[8:24] IM: meghan Lundquist: going to celebrate?
[8:24] Summoner Castaignede: Mr. Jua
[8:24] Summoner Castaignede: Can I ask why you're taking photos?
[8:25] Summoner Castaignede looks curious
[8:25] Kalmak Lockjaw: Who me ...??
[8:25] Summoner Castaignede: No, our guest
[8:25] Kalmak Lockjaw: i'm not taking any photos
[8:25] You: Oh me?
[8:25] You: sorry
[8:25] You: did you ask me why I was taking photos?
[8:26] Kalmak Lockjaw: Yes mr jna
[8:26] PureNRG Kungfu: /salute
[8:26] You: Oh I am a blogger
[8:26] You: I have a blog about places in SL
[8:26] Summoner Castaignede: Aaaah
[8:26] Summoner Castaignede: Okaydokey
[8:27] PureNRG Kungfu: i don't like blogging
[8:27] Summoner Castaignede: I hope you'll understand our caution
[8:27] Summoner Castaignede smiles
[8:27] Summoner Castaignede: We've had trouble in the past
[8:27] PureNRG Kungfu: my humor doesn't come out well in them
[8:27] Kalmak Lockjaw: Lt. i have been on LOA & only last week got back can you tell me how i can get to the sand box now
[8:27] Summoner Castaignede is also a blogger
[8:27] You: Trouble?
[8:28] You: LOL what could you get in this world?
[8:28] PureNRG Kungfu: go to traspoort
[8:28] You: transport?
[8:28] PureNRG Kungfu: or ask for a site to site
[8:28] Summoner Castaignede: People taking photos of folks who are ruthed and then spreading them around in a harmful way with harmful claims
[8:28] You: oh
[8:28] Summoner Castaignede: It caused a lot of distress to those involved
[8:28] You: well my blog is pretty academic
[8:29] Summoner Castaignede: Cool
[8:29] You: I am a graduate student in sociology
[8:29] You: so its more just a collection of places
[8:29] Summoner Castaignede: I'm just saying, you might want to ask next time before you take photos.
[8:29] Summoner Castaignede smiles
[8:29] Kalmak Lockjaw: Mr. Jua we have rules here
[8:29] You: I write some articales
[8:29] Summoner Castaignede: Just as a courtesy, not as a rule
[8:29] You: Yes?
[8:29] DonationBox: Support this place with your donation ...
[8:29] Summoner Castaignede: I used to work Security, so....
[8:30] Teleport completed from http://slurl.com/secondlife/Starfleet%20Sector001/235/232/32
[8:30] Teleport completed from http://slurl.com/secondlife/Starfleet%20Sector001/235/232/32
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