Tuesday, 3 June 2008

The Social Simulation Research Lab

The Social Simulation Research Lab is a public hub of cyber-research resources in Second Life. The Lab's library brings together over 150 publications on the social science of internet research, computer-mediated communication and online studies, plus many links to researchers' homepages, other online resources and online cyber-research journals.

I'm working on an interactive reference system which will help you find everything you need. In the meantime, please browse!

Contributions are welcome! If you have a paper/resource you'd like to add to the SSRL's shelves or would like to suggest one, email secondlife@surrey.ac.uk

The SSRL is a non-partisan project, but is the home of University of Surrey PhD student (aka Mynci Gorky). It's also the base for the Second Life Social Network research project, which aims to map the social relationships of SL residents in order to understand how information flows through social virtual worlds like Second Life. More information on the research is available at http://www.surrey.ac.uk/~psp1ak

The associated SocialSim blog also tracks changes in the project and makes announcements of interest to cyber-research and online culture. Check it out at http://socialsim.wordpress.com

Finally, the SSRL is also host to events, including in-world discussions and lectures with leading cyber-researchers from around the world. If you would like to participate in this exciting lecture series or would like to suggest a researcher, please contact the SSRL at secondlife@surrey.ac.uk!
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