Saturday, 14 June 2008

Orange Island

Orange unveils the Create Programme
As part of an ongoing endeavour to share and collaborate with the Second Life communities, Orange launches the Create Programme, an initiative that aims at encouraging creative expression on Orange Island.
The idea is quite simple: Orange offers to support artistic and/or innovative projects by granting land and tools to residents who show promising material in order to help them achieve their project.
So how is this done?Typically, someone who wants to create, experiment, or demonstrate something in Second Life can submit a project to the Orange community via our blog, following the steps detailed in the application form. On the same blog, we will present the projects we receive and will then submit them to a vote by our community members. Then, we will select three among the most popular projects and will offer their creator(s) the opportunity to build them on our new sim Orange 4. They will receive a space of 2,000 sq. meters, along with support from our online team to organise buzz and events, and some useful tools to set up their project. For additional info, feel free to IM Fandango Milena or Fab Outlander, and stay tuned on
Some dates to rememberFebruary 15th: Deadline for submitting projectsFeb 15th to 24th: community vote takes place and ends on Sunday 10th at 12:00 SLT.March 7th: Official announcement of the results
Contact Jade Lily ( or Fandango Milena (
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