Thursday, 12 June 2008

A good place to catch the train for Caledon

But the train is not that interesting and you can fly everywhere. In RL I love trains but they seem to make little sense in SL. Movement over land is difficult and its always more fun to fly. Airships are the thing in SL.

Still this train is a nice way to tour the Caledon sim. Neo-Victorian SIMS, IMHO, are dying rapidly. Just like steampunk the genre the idea of a higher technology Victorian era lacks the space to form community. My own expereince is that so much of Victorian ideas on race, sex, class, and just about everything are so opposed to the notions of the Internet and post-modern society that a large group of Victorian RPs is impossible. My own falling out with this community came along the lines of race, within the bounds of Victorianism in SL I encountered several acts of overt and disgusting racism and a strong desire to ignore it by many white members.

The community of SL Victorians have decided that Victorian concepts of gender are to be ignored, race is still wide open. Actually the entire Free Republic of Victorian Societies misses the entire point: that Victorians was a way of life that whites lorded over other races.

Perhaps some real thought will go in to a future Victorian society, but right now its just toy land with fyling ships and other devices built which are fun but not the proper grounding for a community.
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