Saturday, 7 June 2008

Emerging Second Life reality: How things Rez

Slowly the "reality" of second life forms, rezzing as you wait.

In time a reality forms: but the process establishes everything as a commodity. Reality in VR must form, it take time and thus has a production value from the start. Everything must be produced.

[11:20] River Walk Landing Point: Rober1236 JuaGREE
[11:21] Fury Stapleton: sorry rob
[11:21] You: excuse me?
[11:21] Fury Stapleton: lol..i landed on you...sorry
[11:22] You: Oh well I didn't notice
[11:22] You: if a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it?
[11:22] You: an extistential issue here
[11:22] You: did you land on "me"?
[11:22] You: I am rather comfortable in my office
[11:22] Fury Stapleton: hahaha
[11:22] You: I sit on a nice chiar in a robe
[11:22] You: I am in comfort
[11:23] Fury Stapleton: well my pixels landed on yur pixels..i thought an apology in order *shrugs*
[11:23] You: are they yours?
[11:23] You: Realy who owns your presence here>
[11:23] You: ?
[11:23] You: Linden Labs owns this space
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