Sunday, 22 June 2008

Deemocray and the Nude

Collared in Second Life, originally uploaded by rober1236jua.

Respect for the beauty of the body; and for the realistic and often erotic images of the human body are unique to democratic societies. A culture that produces realistic, challenging, new and dynamic images of the nude body is a vibrant culture developing in democracy. Nudes do not show up in established civilization without any democratic traditions like China and the Middle East. The production of artistic nude images in these societies would show growth in democratic trends. Fascists and other authoritarian societies produced nudes, but they were highly stylized, unnatural, inorganic and unchallenging.

The British Empire was challenged by the nudity of traditional Hindu art during the Raj precisely because it pressed not the repression of sex in England but the repression of democracy in the 19th Century. As nude began to show up in Western art more and more people got to vote. I would say without nude women paintings of France in the 19th Century there would have been no vote for women.

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