Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Culture of Censorship

Image reads:

"The Culture of Censorship

"Tears at the heart

"I have been censored. PG-13 means no exposed breasts and no genitalia.... I'm sorry, you will have to image where these normally inoffensive little prims usually go. Far better if we restrict our Second LIfe art gallaries and clssical museums only to those over 18 years of age..."

I fully agree.

The presence of children on the Internet, locked in their homes by parents whithout the confidence to let them play in fields or parks, is now being used to take our freedoms on the Internet away.

Firstly our culture has filled parents with fears and doubts. This has resulted in the institutionalisation of children in Western countries, they are essentially under house arrest when they are not at school. And schools are becoming prisions themselves.

Now that children are stuck in home they have to explore the world via the Internet rather than via play and friends. This way their every activity is now being watched by business and being shapped and influenced to make them better consumers.

Now the fact the Internet is being used as a control center for the West's children is being used to reduce the liberties of adults who want to use it as a discourse space.
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