Monday, 30 June 2008

Curry in Second Life

In Caledon Victorian SIM a curry place to see a bit of the Raj. Wander if they do events? Wander how Indians would think of a place like this in a celebration of the Victorian? The Empire?
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A Virtual Cottage in the Country Side

Enjoy a taste of the Victorian country side in Second Life. Some of these spots are very creative.
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Sexing the Avatar

Haraway in her Manifest on Cyborg identity writes:

"Cyborg imagery can suggest a way out of the maze of dualisms in which we have explained our bodies and our tools to ourselves. This is a dream not of a common language, but of a powerful infidel heteroglossia. It is an imagination of a feminist speaking in tongues to strike fear into the circuits of the supersavers of the new right. It means both building and destroying machines, identities, categories, relationships, space stories. Though both are bound in the spiral dance, I would rather be a cyborg than a goddess."

Haraway sees the cyborg as a way to escape the gender roles of our current power structure, but even among transhumanist and post-humanists in Extropia Core Cyborg AVs are almost always gendered. If anything they are hyper-gendered. Baudrillard said the false simulation tries to construct a real outside of itself and around it which is also just a simulation. Second Life seems to be trying to save the concept of gender.

But I rant.

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Dancing for SL5B

Though most AV identities are non-gendered,

The vast majority are gendered and highly gendered.

Make female, blue balls and pink balls, gay, straight and bi have all imposed their structures in to the Universe of Second Life.
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Rezzable on Flickr

Go see it before Yahoo? goes bankrupt!!!!
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Being set on fire

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Under the valcano


Under a volcano a set of machines that make the fire happen, very creative.
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Rezzable Cascade Fashion Center


It may look like the Ice Palace from Superman II, but remember the first law of Second Life: "its a store stupid"
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Underwater art


This installation by Strawberry Holiday AKA Jennifer Burlingame AKA will soon be ending and is worth seeing if you can.

Second Life is most socially uplifting around science, art and politics with talks, shows, and presentations that bring a global community together to share information. Some people in SL seem to think it does not have a political or cultural purpose, to which I respond how can it not?

I think the main problem with Second Life is that people are not very good thinnking about society, so often it becomes about technology, which people are trained to think about.
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Sunday, 29 June 2008

Cisco chief lauds virtual-world technology

Chambers uses Second Life avatar to address media

Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers appeared in a virtual press conference in Second Life last week, his avatar dressed in a business suit, where he predicted that virtual world technologies will eventually "explode" in terms of business usage and their impact.

Chambers disagreed with some recent expert opinions and blogs that virtual world designers and operators are facing a downturn in clients that are interested in starting up virtual world meeting rooms or product demonstrations in Second Life and other platforms.

"I disagree with that overall commentary," he said. "We are at the very, very beginning stages" of virtual world uses, he added.

Chambers said some technologies may take time to catch on. "If there's one thing I've learned, it's that sometimes concepts are a little too early, and when they take off, they take off with speed," he said. "When a [technology] market does move, it moves faster than anyone anticipated."

He said Cisco made predictions about internet technologies in the 1990s that took time to grow, but eventually exceeded forecasts. "We'll see [virtual worlds] explode," he said. "We have to have it more ubiquitous, and it's the very front end of a very large wave of opportunities." Ever the pitch man, Chambers said Cisco networking technologies are "really bringing that virtual ability" and that Cisco stands to "benefit in a big way".

In his summary at the end of the press conference, Chambers said all kinds of virtual interfaces, including uses of YouTube and wikis as well as virtual reality, "will forever change business models and entertainment ... We may disagree on the timeframe. It's not a question of if, but when."

Cisco spokeswoman Jeanette Gibson said that while there are many platforms used by businesses for virtual meetings and customer interactions, Cisco has relied largely on Second Life to allow customers to visit Cisco islands, or simulations, to view and interact with Cisco products. Cisco also has an internally created virtual world where its channel partners can meet to discuss business opportunities.

Stephen Prentice, an analyst at Gartner, said in a recent Computerworld US article that some companies have entered a "hiatus" with virtual world technologies in the past year, either shutting them down or letting their virtual operations turn into ghost towns. They did so because they couldn't get customers interested and have turned to using virtual reality for collaboration instead of e-commerce, he added.

Bruce Damer, an early pioneer in the virtual world space, recently posed the question in a blog at Terra Nova of whether the virtual world industry is facing a "winter" just as severe as the downturn that ran from 2000 to 2003. He also questioned whether several new virtual world platforms could "Balkanise" a limited user base.

Damer also asked whether there are so many real-time means of representing people online, including low-cost VoIP systems like Skype, that virtual worlds might always struggle for visibility.

However, in addition to his optimistic outlook for virtual reality technology, Chambers claimed that Cisco is the most advanced of any company in using virtual interfaces. He said employee usage of wikis has doubled in the last six months, while use of YouTube video content for business uses had quadrupled in four months. Using such technologies can drive improved workplace productivity, he said.

Summary: Keep your day job, for now.
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Second Life found as series of islands in South Atlantic

Most people come to Second Life feeling like new prisoners to the Island. After all the Island was the coolest place English people went in the 1960s. James Bond probably retired to the Island and Turing’s suicide was faked so he could go to the Island and present a future IT plan to IBM.

But the thing about the Island is you have no idea where it is. The people who live there could be in the channel for all they know. One would imagine that such intelligent people could figure out their latitude but without knowing when GMT was back in marry old England you best spy and scientist on the Island was a clueless as any of their English countrymen in a sobriety competition would be.

Second Life is even worse, for as in the Matrix this massive computer intelligence has washed out the sky, and even worse replaced it with a uniform sky we can test to our tastes, from default to Desert Sunset to Funky, Funky, Funky to Gelato.

But enough with extremely nerdy insider references about Second Life to extremely nerdy!!!!

The location of Second Life in the South Atlantic has been determined based on Muslim prayer rugs.

Notice that the position of these prayer rugs in Second Life shows a clear intentionality that does not go with the layout of the room. Clearly the powers that be in this case knew where Mecca was.

Now obviously Second Life is not some other unconnected dimension since these prayer directions show a intentionality what would indicate they are of our reality. Also Second Life is clearly on our surface planet since we do not pray looking up or down.

In fact Muslims on the Second Life islands pray always facing NE, almost perfect North East.

Only people in West of Mecca will pray in this direction, so the Islands must be in a large body of water West of Mecca. And interestingly we face North, almost as much as East, therefore Second Life is actually South of Mecca, which is pretty close to the equator.

These conditions would only be meet if Second Life was in the South Atlantic. Some are now saying Second Life actually is an island in the South Atlantic once called Atlantis. Researchers in the paranormal and those with too much time on there hands are now rushing to actually spot the Island and those long Lost citizens, hoping to make a reality TV show to extend the popularity of Lost after BSG finishes its run.
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Seaside construction in Second Life

Seaside construction in Second Life.
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Saturday, 28 June 2008

Vaudville Theatre in Second Life

An amazing theatre done in Victorian Style in Second Life

Lucy Tornado performs on an amazing stage

A robot tells jokes.

Here is one

Descartes goes in to a cafe. The watress asks him if he wants fries. Descares says "I think not" and vanishes.

Get it?
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New Babbage Culture in Second Life

Walls over New Babbage

A wedding party forming. It does look kind of like theatre geeks in High School? They say its private and ask me to leave, which I do.
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Ghetto punk chec in Second Life

These big body looks actually can cost a lot of money. Men in Second Life tend to have massive chests.

The look is cheap, sexy, dumb, blonde and white and it makes Second Life look cheap.
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InfoNode: a place that works in Second Life

Free stuff taht is pretty cool.

and lots of information well displayed makes this a popular place on the map of Second Life.
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Second Louve Art in Second Life

Rober1236 Jua spends a great deal of time looking at things in Second Life, wondering if it is art.

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Very realistic Swiss community

Well its at sea level, but there is a lot of detail worked out well.

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