Sunday, 11 May 2008

Wow Sharespeare's Globe Theater in Second Life!!!!

Adding to the amazing collection of sites created in Second Life based on famous RL sites the SL Globe Theater is an excellent reproduction of the one in London.

I have often gone to the one in London and the SL Globe is very accurate to the generally held assumption as to what the globe looked like. They give performances which I will be sure to see.

Truely Second Life at its best.

This Globe seems to be modelled after the present reproduction in London. So it is a model of a model, and the one in London is a kind of guess of what the Globe maybe looked like. The thing about Second Life is that scholars can now produce dozens of possible models of lost sites like the Globe, and then let the public walk in them an use them. It could be possible to strenghten guesses about which designs are more accurate by studying avatar behaviour, but I digress yet again....
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