Sunday, 25 May 2008

The Naked Prim

Booperkit intro to The Naked Prim

Booperkit asks if the naked prim without texture any less "real"

Interesting question when real is unresolved in Second Life. We are stuck with concepts that we will never make clear, working with words that only kind of make sense.

Again Ruth.

The fact that this is the Object Parent of all Avatars is a simple OO design. Some version of the Avatar has to be at the top of the tree. We inherit it and then set properties to other values and add attachments.

Inheritance, polymorphisms, object orientation. Simple Computer Science concepts that in Second Life take on a mythological taste. Ruth is seen by many as a kind of Second Life mother, an eve. Adam and Eve are not nodes at the top of a hierarchy, they are a story of loneliness, curiosity, pain, love and freedom.

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