Tuesday, 6 May 2008

More Vampires


This place shows the popularity of Vampires

Now I think this may stretch belief but I have come to believe that a large segment of RP population has strongly identified with Vampires, that is they see themselves not as playing vampires but as Vampires.

I am not sure precisely what this entails but I have meet people who seem to hold being a Vampire beyond all other identities and I have meet people in the games business who have also meet vampires.

Now since people are not showing up with the blood sucked dry I would have to imagine this is not acted out.

The issue of Vampire identity in the post-post-modern age after Queer, mixed race, other identities have risen raises some interesting issues. Is the future of CMC identity the future imaginary identity and only imaginary identity? Or is identity always imaginary clouding the realities of race, class and gender.
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