Tuesday, 27 May 2008

The importance of waiting

What is most frustrating about SL is the time it takes for object to rez clearly, like this art work. Once it does its impressive, but because of LAG SL is often not striking, since you get the gray boxes, then the shapes, then the fuzzy images, and slowly the clear images.

Lag promotes staying in the same place for a long time, it makes trekking along SL moving at speed kind of silly since you only see gray.

Also some information about the gallery:

.:ARTEFATTA:. Gallery represent dozens of artists exposing their RL and SL arts. Get a look and vote your favourite artist on Contest Board for Artist of the Week Wall at the Gallery entrance, every week. Come to our Sunday noon Roof disco party to congratulate the winner and have fun all together!! Drop a line in our suggestion box, and feel free to use Slexchange terminal on the central platform of the Gallery.

Thank you Elena Furse for the information.
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