Monday, 28 April 2008

Some time spent in America, more clarity on Second Life

Okay here it goes. I am going to say it.

I just spent 4 days in America and watching the Presidential campaign right now I can see that it is still the case that most Americans, or a large number of Americans still have hoods in their closet somewhere.

This Rev Wright thing is rather strange and shows how the drama of race plays out in American culture and therefore in much of Second Life. I grew up Catholic and would find it very strange if a child molesting priest from Chicago was paraded around to reflect on my character. But if you are black in America that is what happens.

Obama is not be viewed as a man but as a race. Rev. Wright is important because he is black and he is expressing on unease many white people have with blacks.

Americans very deeply want to move past race, but they can not leave the myth that they are the best nation in history. The truth of race works against this myth, and the dysfunction of the myth plays itself out in American civilization.

In Second Life this inability to imagine the African and African based civilization is reflected in the lack of dark skinned Avatars and the whitening I have seen, including myself.
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