Monday, 21 April 2008

Second Life identities are forged in TV not lived experience

In Second Life blondness is becoming white hair and being an animal is more popular than being a non-European non-White. Where are these identities coming from?

Well simple answers are hard to find but our culture preferences these types producing a media full of images that don't look like most people.

Second Life typical Avatars, count the number of girls with tails vs. the number of non-White girls. I also think less girls would elect to have tails if schools taught more Freud.

Well to start part of issue is the out of the box AVs offered by LL. They lack diversity not just in race, but they are not very rich as identities, the OTB from SL is not an aspiration figure. And all the AVs out of the box from Linden Labs are white accept for 2 which are animals. The pattern starts with the second page on your journey

Even the two animals are white. I mean come Linden Labs, you have not noticed this yet. You got white Kansas, White New York, White Goth, and White Animals.

Linden Labs just adds insult to injury with the girl and boy next door. The girl next door to me in Northern London does not look like this, nor when I lived in Africa or Chicago. Changing these would not be a very difficult issue.

Even city chich is pale as a Christmas day in Alaska.

But Second Life is positioned in a larger culture that values whiteness and blondness. Even granted the whiteness of the initial avs none of them are blond and two look Jewish to me and the 4 Goths could pass for Asian.

Starting from this point of whiteness most people in SL just take it more and more Aryan, confirming to the culture stereotypes of TV.

The following are CNN female broadcasters in America:

Christi Paul
CNN Headline News
Picture of Christi Paul
Adrianna Costa
CNN Headline News
Picture of Adrianna Costa
Richelle Carey
CNN Headline News
Picture of Richelle Carey
Erica Hill
CNN Headline News
Picture of Erica Hill
Holly Firfer
CNN Headline News
Picture of Holly Firfer
Jennifer Westhoven
CNN Headline News
Picture of Jennifer Westhoven
Shanon Cook
CNN Headline News
Picture of Shanon Cook
Brooke Anderson
CNN Headline News
Picture of Brooke Anderson

* Sharon Collins
Picture of Sharon Collins

Robin Meade
CNN Headline News
Picture of Robin Meade
Kathleen Kennedy
CNN Headline News
Picture of Kathleen Kennedy
Judy Fortin
CNN Headline News
Picture of Judy Fortin
Linda Stouffer
CNN Headline News
Picture of Linda Stouffer
Susan Hendricks
CNN Headline News
Picture of Susan Hendricks
Carrie Lee
CNN Headline News
Picture of Carrie Lee
Nancy Grace
CNN Headline News
Picture of Nancy Grace
Mary Jo Mitchell
CNN Headline News
Picture of Mary Jo Mitchell
* Connie Mayberry
Picture of Connie Mayberry

Stop and look at this, its a list of girls Hitler would want to take to the prom. There is ONE non-white, and she is a very light skinned African American with brown hair. Of these 18 woman 13 are blond. None even have curly hair.

The sins of previous media are just being carried out by the new media. Second Life is just continuing to promote the already existing racial stereotypes.

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