Saturday, 29 March 2008

Who Owns a Sign??

The sailing ship, a symbol of quaint American. I used to go to see these things as a child on vacation. Each year I see the Mystic Seaport and the ships do impress me as a symbol of accomplishment, the most lovely devices every for moving upon the sea.

OM International, Nantucket (96, 173, 25)

But step back for a moment as see the symbol from a different context; that of a African American. These ships are a tragic symbol of cultural destruction and human suffering. Thinking about it I have never seen an African American family visiting one of these ships, I am sure many do and think nothing of it, but it is possible to see how from the African context these ships have a different meaning and a different reality.

And thats the thing about reality, someone owns it. Virtual reality is be constructed by people who own a set of symbols, own a history, own a reality. It is being constructed from an American white perspective and it. I would love to see more views coming in.
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