Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Touring Alhambra in Second Life

Bab-al-Asselah (Gate of Arms)
The Puerta de las Armas - "Gate of Arms" - was the main entrance to the fortress when the Moors ruled over Granada. A rider could gallop down from the Albaicin, on the ramp atop the wall which connected the two hills, cross the river at the Puente del Cadí and ride up to this gate, which leads directly into the main courtyard of the fortress.

The Gate of Arms rises almost at the extreme west of the walled fortress enclosure. Difficult to reach from the outside, it rose into the oldest fortified part of the Alhambra and is justly celebrated for its superb vaults.

It is a military style gate with a pronounced slope and winding access. It owes is name to the fact that on entering the citadel, people had to leave their weapons here.

But remember the rule of Second Life: Its a STORE!!!!!

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