Friday, 21 March 2008

This is a Female Avitar

Like a drag queen the Agent is putting on the imago or image of a woman. In a radical feminist conception she is turning the binary of male and female in to a parody and thus questioning, just as drag queens do. For Lacan it is suturing itself in to a female.

What is interesting is that when I go in to SL as the Agent and the Robot I split myself in to two pieces and one is made a woman and the other is made a thing. He presents himself as She and It. Freud would say I am castrated in two ways. One on the level of primal mytholody and patriarchial culture I become a woman and as not have the phallus I am forever an object. The Robot on the other hand is sexless becuse his design and programming has no sexual context. I am logically castrated.

But the intensity of emotional energy woman give to the world I think is far great than men, and the Agent finds ways to show or symbolize for myself my own wants for a society that is free and more anarchist.
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