Saturday, 29 March 2008

Thanks I Think

A message from Linden Labs

[17:37] Second Life: The asset cluster is now happy again, and we used the forced downtime to make some changes that should prevent this particular issue from happening again. All operations should work now.

Frankly I can't stand service providers who dumb it down in this way. Asset clusters can't be happy. Businesses seem to think that clever consumers want to be speak to in this way, and they don't. I remember Flickr after it censored access to all German speaking users and many in Asia, responding to civil liberties concerns they turned the site in to an endless statement about how much they "loved" you. Yahoo loves you so much they censor you.

Linden Labs genius is the treat residents a grown ups, in Web 2.0 the population is the content and you should treat them always like smart adults and not children.
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