Saturday, 29 March 2008

Second Life: The Creation will not be televised

Hermitage of The Holy Cross, Bristow (22, 63, 43)

Thought this is a new region of Second Life lots of designers are busy creating the "reality infrastructure" like this church. That is the amazing event that is happening right now in Second Life and not really being reported. The MSM has three stories about second life:

1. Man cheats on wife in Second Life
2. Second Life economy is in bust
3. People play out sex with children in Second Life.

I see this story told again and again and I think one can be a bit critical of Linden Labs for not presenting to the public the case for Second Life. The defense of Second Life I see again and again is that helps people with disability have a richer social life. That is a nice point but somewhat limited.

What I see happening right in Second Life is an establish population of first colonists, founders if you like are taking advantage of the free framework that is Second Life's government and Linden Labs genius to rapidly produce a structure of reality. They are developing it much faster than any company could ever hope to. Its a revolution going on and I don't see Linden Labs articulating it.

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