Thursday, 20 March 2008

The Nature of Light in Second Life

The Alhambra shadow at dawn.

At midday.

And sunset.

Light in Second Life does not exist in Space. Rather the time of the day sets the shading property for all objects, including in WindLight avatars. The time and rotation of a rim sets the shading property. This sets the display settings for the sides of the object. The Second Life sun and moon mean nothing.

The General Rule

There is an object O that has a property of shading set S
S is cube. Thus the set for S if of 6 sides.

The six members of the set are top, bottom, north, south, east, west or t,b,n,s,e,w

At any time all sides are given one value, and the cube in qustion is aligned in this simple way.

Sun thus works as a function of the Object.

Object.Shading (time)=>St(time),Sb(time),Sn(time),Ss(time),Se(time),Sw(time)

The procedure is

Define Lighting (Object, Time) as Array [value top][value bottom][value north]....

Declare Public Response array[1][2][3][4]
Response = Object.Shading(Time)
Return Response


Light is not a presence but a out of times impact on the values of objects. Object have light setting based on the time, and you can always change the time.

This is how light works in Second Life. It does not fill space, you will never see a ray of light in Second Life. It is not the light we know in Quantum Physics, with all Quantum physics implications about the strange nature of very small reality. Nor is it the light that moves a C so critical to Einstein. With no C there is not relativity. Second Life could grow to the size of the solar system and AV could go much faster than C. Since a Sim space is virtually far larger than the space electrons must move in the computer the limits of how fact information can travel in Space in Second Life is far faster than C, and virtually you could move faster than the speed of light, if not for all the Lap.

It is interesting to think that the E=mc^2 means nothing in Second Life. General relativity means nothing. Second Life is a utterly different kind of physical reality where pure information is established for a time for a region and the prims in that region will have their sides lighting altered depending on time and rotation.

Windlight only enhances these effects.

Its interesting to think that the sun and moon in second life are actually time pieces. The sun starts as a clock not a massive monster of life and death. My own voyage to the moon was a trip to nowhere. To a time piece.
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