Friday, 21 March 2008

Muslim Woman

By splitting myself up in to a female black Muslim and a robot I take on two identies

These photos by Gail Orenstein

One of a radical anger of the losers in technology society. The Agent is one of those who comes from several orders of dehumanization and has armed herself. She becomes my anger at the evils of globalism.

But the robot represents another side of my interface with the Internet.

The robot is the logic of the Internet and the science Cult it manifests become aware of itself. It is the dream of the singularity, the desire to be Spock.

The last painting by Jeremiah Palecek shows this new "instinct" to enact rituals, in this case painting to male the machine man real.

This line between the Agent and the Robot are the key lines driving our global network society. But somehow for me they work together for common goals. I am not sure why, but they do stand in the Friends of Flecher, they oppose the formation of slavery as an institution in Second Life.
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