Thursday, 20 March 2008

Me: Robot or Man?

Right now, and for some time this is Rober1236 Jua. Male, vain, streamPunk activitist, gardener, dancer. As a male with skin and hair and lots of different outfits I play the the Culture of Drama in Second Life.

But I have decided to become a robot. A tashikoma form the Anima series Ghost in the Shell. Childish, curious, asexual and cool looking.

But social context, social commitments, and friendships make demands up our AV. The image in which we insert ourselves in to Second Life because (as Lacan and Levi-Strauss noted) we are defined by our context. In humanity context is Culture.

The nodes are defined by the network. Even though the nodes are the only thing in the Network, the connections that establish a network thus changes all the nodes in the system.

Rober1236Jua would have to cut ties to many lines in his network to make the change fully to a robot. Though he craves the freedom and simplicity of robot life, he can not make the full transformation yet.

The scifi story is really happening in Second Life today. CyberPunk is now.
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