Tuesday, 18 March 2008


Lag leaves people in a hug gray.
People around a hub.
The population of Second Life is still pretty small for the land mass and most of it is a ghost town most of the time, so Hubs like this one on public land are very important in providing places for social activity to start.

Most newbie find they spend a lot of time around hubs. Until you have some idea what you like its the best place to meet people and ask questions. Hubs are generally hot spots of exchange of basic information, landmarks, and tips. There is also a long standing myth that cyber sexual relations often start in hubs.

The hardest part of starting Second Life is finding something to do, and hubs provide important zones of easy social interaction in a culture where Linden Dollars, hair and gadgets mean everything. Computer skills are generally secondary to social skills in SL's vicious networks of poser clubs and cyber orgy bars.
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