Saturday, 29 March 2008

Everything in RL is waiting for you in SL, including Racism

The friends of Flesher were evicted from an SL group for talking about the lack of African participation. In making a protest to the group this is the discourse that followed, it is a bit disturbing but is shows the degree that America's race conflict structures SL and it turning it sadly in to a white skinned universe.

[15:37] Rober1236 Jua: Wow
[15:37] Rober1236 Jua: Something fucked up just happened
[15:38] Roy Smashcan: SL worked?
[15:38] Zarita Shan: ;p;
[15:38] Jomander Trefoil: Not likely that
[15:38] Zarita Shan: lol
[15:39] Shylah Garmes tsks.
[15:39] Rober1236 Jua: Nicholas Garrigus and Lapin Paris
[15:40] Rober1236 Jua: Nicholas Garrigus and Lapin Paris
[15:40] Rober1236 Jua: just banned me and someone else for talking about the conditons in Africa
[15:40] Rober1236 Jua: I have post a text of the conversation to the web
[15:40] Rober1236 Jua: its pretty scary
[15:40] Lapin Paris: Mr Jua.
[15:40] Kacy Despres: huh?
[15:40] Rober1236 Jua: is there a neo-nazi element to the steam-punk movement sitting under the surface
[15:40] Lapin Paris: you are behaivning a juvenile manner
[15:41] Lapin Paris: Kindly stop your irrational behavior
[15:41] Violet Schnabel: You have a personal axe to grind , Mr Jua
[15:41] Alora Pfalz: does it have to be announced in a chat please stop using the chat forum
[15:41] Shylah Garmes: then I would take that as a hint that both your language and your topic of conversation need improving
[15:41] Violet Schnabel: take it off this channel now
[15:41] Rober1236 Jua: improving?
[15:41] Shylah Garmes: good day sir
[15:41] Rober1236 Jua: as in not talking about africa
[15:42] Lapin Paris: lol
[15:42] Rober1236 Jua: I have never see rascism in SL before
[15:42] Linnea Harsley: As in not talking about off-topic things, I would assume.
[15:42] Nicholas Garrigus: I've reported you once tonight for personally calling me a racist Mr Jua, you are now calling everyone in the group a fascist,
[15:42] Alora Pfalz: the people have spoken now taken take it on a one on one level please
[15:42] Rober1236 Jua: Of topic this is about how the group bans people
[15:42] Rober1236 Jua: I am saying the group does have rascist elements
[15:42] Rober1236 Jua: I have the full text of the conversation
[15:43] Rober1236 Jua: I can post it here if anyone would like
[15:43] Rober1236 Jua: I have posted it publically as well
[15:43] Linnea Harsley: I wouldn't mind having it IMed to me personally.
[15:43] Alora Pfalz: no!
[15:43] Rober1236 Jua: It is a discussion of the impact of poverty on Africa
[15:43] Lapin Paris: me too
[15:43] Jomander Trefoil: You may find racist RP, which fits the period Caledon is set in. I don't think you will find real racists talking ooc
[15:43] Linnea Harsley: But I would mind the whole group getting it.
[15:43] Rober1236 Jua: and the lack of African input into the SL
[15:44] Lapin Paris: This is an event to help stop cancer Mr Jua
[15:44] Rober1236 Jua: When discussion of conditions in Darfur and Kenya cause deletion from a group
[15:44] Lapin Paris: You are a Cancer Racist!
[15:44] Rober1236 Jua: that is rascism
[15:44] Shylah Garmes: Lapin, if objecting to vulgarity and rudeness makes us racists, ...
[15:44] Rober1236 Jua: some of the comments made here following up are disturbing
[15:44] Rober1236 Jua: What vulgarity
[15:44] Rober1236 Jua: what vulgarity?
[15:45] Rober1236 Jua: Please site examples?
[15:45] Rober1236 Jua: The Lady and Myself were at our best manors
[15:45] Rober1236 Jua: I can site
[15:46] Lapin Paris: YOu guys , I would suggest just closing off The dark Vic chat until this guy leaves
[15:46] Alora Pfalz: yes please
[15:46] Marckus Mendes: can u people kindly take your conversation elsewhere? u are ruining my saturday afternoon
[15:46] Shylah Garmes snugs Ms Paris
[15:46] Rober1236 Jua: Ruining your saturday afternoon
[15:47] Rober1236 Jua: that
[15:47] Linnea Harsley: That is what he said.
[15:47] Rober1236 Jua: did you really just write taht
[15:47] Linnea Harsley: This is not a debate group, it's an enjoyment group.
[15:47] Rober1236 Jua: wow
[15:47] Roy Smashcan: Sheesh, can't we have better trolls than this?
[15:47] Rober1236 Jua: wow
[15:47] Rober1236 Jua: you could always mute me
[15:47] Rober1236 Jua: I just cant believe what I am reading
[15:48] Alora Pfalz: ooh good idea
[15:48] Jomander Trefoil: I can't believe it's not butter
[15:48] Linnea Harsley: What, that people want to enjoy themselves? Send me the thing already if you aren't making it up.
[15:48] Alula Boccaccio: *Shoots self*
[15:48] Linnea Harsley: Directed toward Mr. Jua, not you others.
[15:49] Roy Smashcan: In the old days on Usenet, we had proper trolls...
[15:49] Mordecai Scaggs: Sir, whatever your greivances, this is not a forum for political debate, so please take your worthy cause to the proper forums in Sl. There have been activities in Sl designed to raise awareness about the terrible situation there, but this is not one of them.
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