Thursday, 20 March 2008

Diad Robot and Agent personality in SL

In Second Life I become a Diad.

One way I manifest in SL, as the Agent and Robot

In this case when I become the robot I often expressing my persona, my since consciousness by projecting two AVs in to Second Life. I become in this reality not a single person but a collective of 2 people. Having two computers at my desk this is easy. The Agent and the Robot move around a bit. As the human and part of a radical future culture the Agent is in the anarchist organisation The Friends of Flesher. This anarchist group is determined to prevent patterns of class, race, and power emerge in Second Life.

The Friends of Flesher see to deconstruct the formation of slave/master relations in to the structure of Second Life. Though the human is free to choice we thing choosing a slavery bond in Second Life is not as good as one based on friendship and equality. The Friends of Flesher are concerned structures of slavery and collaring being built in to Second Life will build a Culture that accepts slaver and as more and more 3rd world people join pattens of slaver in RL will translate in to SL, and people will be made in to slaves in these areas.

Robot is an old version of the Tashikoma AI machine that has had several decades to mature. The Robot has been upgrade in its computer AI and is no longer managed by a distant central computer. It is utterly autonomous. Have been decommissioned from Japan military and elite second 9 the Taskikoma lost much of its military capacity. But in American it was able to restore its guns.

The Tashikoma essentially does all the work. The Agent is in command, and often when the walk the robot walks behind the agent.
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