Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Continuing My Tour of Alhambra in Second Life

Touring the Second Life Alhambra Island

Touring Second Life I have to say Alhambra Island is one of the best places I have seen. Rarely a place in Second Life takes your breath away and you end up spending hours there mostly alone. Over the days maybe people pass by or you TP someone over.

Its a wonderful way to live. Utterly impossible in RL. You can kind of get something like it when you travel. There were some towns in Greece, Korea, China, and Portugal where I just hung out. But I still needed to get a hotel to sleep and a place to eat and go to the bath room.

But in a VR environment you can create the illusion of being in a place you love for hours. I loved Andalusia and Alhambra and its wonderful to just hang out here.

Touring the Second Life Alhambra Island

I took these photos using WindLight on the Mac. For photographic work of large areas WindLight is the best. By setting the position of the sun I was able to get the light just the way I wanted it for the environment.

Touring the Second Life Alhambra Island in Second Life
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