Saturday, 29 March 2008

Back to Africa

The racial prejudices of the European Project in Second Life, and technical abilities to ban people from spaces. We are actually banned from the group Dark Victory for a few statements about race.

We return to an Africa, which in SL as in all the west is invisioned as nature.

As for whie we were evicted from the Dark Victoria Sim, we had the following conversationw with some people

[14:43] Marcus Tairov: Welcome Mr. Jua.
[14:43] Autopilotpatty Poppy: Hell Miss Hykova
[14:43] Damyn Janick: Greeting Mr. Jua and Miss Hykova
[14:43] You: Greetings all
[14:43] Marcus Tairov rummages for his glasses, can't see well
[14:43] Autopilotpatty Poppy: I missed both of them for a bit
[14:43] Autopilotpatty Poppy: lol
[14:43] Violet Schnabel: Hello Miss Hykova and Mr Jua
[14:44] Autopilotpatty Poppy: I don't believe we've met, Miss Hykova of Mr.Jua
[14:44] Marcus Tairov: Ahh much better
[14:44] LadyGray Hykova: Well then it is a unique honour
[14:44] Khannea Suntzu is Offline
[14:44] LadyGray Hykova: Mr Jua here has been good enough to be my escort here
[14:44] Minna Kurka is Offline
[14:44] Marcus Tairov: A few folks get together and soon, we have a party!
[14:44] Autopilotpatty Poppy: oh wonderful
[14:44] LadyGray Hykova: I am not a regualr visitor to these area
[14:44] Autopilotpatty Poppy: I do recall hearing you speak about Africa?
[14:45] LadyGray Hykova: I am an African Princess
[14:45] LadyGray Hykova: Jua here is my servant
[14:45] Marcus Tairov: Actually this is my first time up this high in Tanglewood. I had no idea all of this was here
[14:45] Autopilotpatty Poppy: oh my goodness an this is but one of about 35 sims that make up Caledon
[14:45] Autopilotpatty Poppy: It's a pleasure to meet you both
[14:45] You: Yes one could say I am almost her slave
[14:45] Damyn Janick: I wiwsh to visit Afric soon Miss Hykova, I have heard wonderful things
[14:45] LadyGray Hykova: Thank you very much
[14:46] LadyGray Hykova: It is the Mother of Culture
[14:46] Autopilotpatty Poppy: I believe there are two Africa sims, if I'm not mistaken
[14:46] LadyGray Hykova: the source of the Nile
[14:46] LadyGray Hykova: 2 Africas?
[14:46] Autopilotpatty Poppy: yes, such a beautiful country
[14:46] LadyGray Hykova: There are a million Africas
[14:46] Marcus Tairov: I haven't had a chance to journey to Africa...however, I have seen India.
[14:46] Autopilotpatty Poppy: oh dear... ?
[14:46] Autopilotpatty Poppy: I didn't know
[14:47] LadyGray Hykova: Another colony of your Queen Victoria
[14:47] LadyGray Hykova: and here Steam Empire]
[14:47] LadyGray Hykova: In her Kingdom I am just a guess
[14:48] Autopilotpatty Poppy: I see. very ineresting, indeed
[14:48] Marcus Tairov: Oh but even though we have respect for Her Majesty, Caledon is very much..independent
[14:48] You: My lady you are so much more than that
[14:48] Steel cane (No over-the-shoulder pose): 3666 bytes free
[14:48] LadyGray Hykova: Whit skin and neo-gothic builds are always the substance of the wealth of ruling the world
[14:49] LadyGray Hykova: I poud point out that few Africans can ever come here
[14:49] Marcus Tairov: If you have any respect for Victorian, or for steampunk, or art and culture in any form, then you are all ready part of Caledon.
[14:49] LadyGray Hykova: thus my dress
[14:49] Autopilotpatty Poppy: do you have a landmark you'd care to share LadyGray?
[14:49] LadyGray Hykova: II am landless here
[14:49] LadyGray Hykova: there is an American in SL
[14:49] LadyGray Hykova: There is a vision of Victorian England
[14:50] LadyGray Hykova: but no Africa
[14:50] Marcus Tairov: Thats what is good about Caledon, you don't need land to be part of it
[14:50] LadyGray Hykova: Africa tonight is silent
[14:50] LadyGray Hykova: no part of the net
[14:50] LadyGray Hykova: that is why I mourn
[14:50] You: My lady is serious about problems
[14:50] Marcus Tairov: Then you should change that Miss Hykova
[14:50] Damyn Janick: Miss, there are those of us who mourn for that as well
[14:50] Beq Janus is Offline
[14:50] Damyn Janick: and wish to change it
[14:50] You: but perhaps these creative people do not have the power to change things
[14:51] LadyGray Hykova: I will have to look
[14:51] Marcus Tairov: Not at that level, but everyone has the power to make change.
[14:51] Damyn Janick: Africa is no less a part of the world than Vicotrian England
[14:51] LadyGray Hykova: But as for Afric on the web
[14:51] Autopilotpatty Poppy gave you Africa, Africa (47, 209, 22).
[14:51] Marcus Tairov: A whisper on the wind can make a world
[14:51] You: why thank you
[14:51] Autopilotpatty Poppy: yvw
[14:51] LadyGray Hykova: It is a dark place for electircity
[14:51] Marcus Tairov: Thank you for the landmark.
[14:51] LadyGray Hykova: people struggle to eat
[14:51] Autopilotpatty Poppy: yw
[14:51] Damyn Janick: ty
[14:52] You: I think what the lady hopes to say it that we should all be aware of how race is forming SL
[14:52] You: what races have access to the resources to be here
[14:52] You: class, race and history form SL
[14:52] Marcus Tairov: Greetings Miss LeFavre and Miss Cleanslate
[14:52] Damyn Janick nods
[14:52] Gwynna Cleanslate: good evening
[14:52] Gwynna Cleanslate: !
[14:52] LadyGray Hykova: Thank you I am not so diplomatic
[14:52] Violet Schnabel nods
[14:52] Anouk Lefavre: Greetings!
[14:53] Fauve Aeon: good evening Miss Cleanslate, hello again Miss Lefavre
[14:53] Autopilotpatty Poppy: Ah... I believe that all races have equal access to SL resources. It is an amazing world we have chosen to be a part of and most of us are hoping it will help heal the wounds of the world
[14:53] SumatraBouffant Beaumont is Offline
[14:53] Anouk Lefavre smiles
[14:53] Autopilotpatty Poppy: Hello again Miss Lefavre
[14:53] Anouk Lefavre: Hello again Ms. Aeron!
[14:53] Anouk Lefavre: Hello Ms. Poppy!
[14:53] You: I fear that access is better in America, the EU, and Japan
[14:53] Autopilotpatty Poppy: Hello Gwynna, nice to see you again
[14:54] You: Few people in Africa can come to this place
[14:54] Damyn Janick nods politely to Miss Lafavre and Miss Cleanslate
[14:54] Autopilotpatty Poppy: very much so
[14:54] Autopilotpatty Poppy: Yes, I agree with you there Mr. Jua
[14:54] You: Do you think Kenya has good broadband
[14:54] You: or Darfur has many PCs
[14:54] Dender Dinzeo is Online
[14:54] Marcus Tairov: It is. People in Africa need food and shelter before they can have a computer and the infrastructure needed for it.
[14:54] Autopilotpatty Poppy: no, I'm sure they don't
[14:54] You: children hope to go to school to lean
[14:54] You: Yes
[14:54] Autopilotpatty Poppy: yes
[14:54] Damyn Janick: and yet why are we here?
[14:55] LadyGray Hykova: Africas need will keep if frm this palce
[14:55] LadyGray Hykova: this place that is gorwing so fast it will be
[14:55] Damyn Janick: because we are missing that sense of community that many Africans have
[14:55] LadyGray Hykova: Jua what is that word you use?
[14:55] You: A singluarlity my lady
[14:55] Marcus Tairov: There are many groups even in SL that generate benifits to assist Africa
[14:55] LadyGray Hykova: Yes a singularity with white skin
[14:55] Marcus Tairov: benefits that is.
[14:56] Autopilotpatty Poppy: yes.. that landmark I gave you is used only for generating funds to help African children
[14:56] You: I do not believe the lady says that people who are lucky enough to live in the US or EU
[14:56] You: do not care for Africa or are bad people
[14:56] You: they just have access where others don't
[14:56] Marcus Tairov: Our New Years Eve benefit, all of it, went to give homes to folks in Africa in fact.
[14:56] You: That is most admirable
[14:57] You: The problems are not with the goodness of people here
[14:57] You: of which I think highly
[14:57] You: but social forces beyond our control
[14:57] You decline Quadrapop Tree, The Canopy, Pelinor (183, 139, 46) from A group member named quadrapop Lane.
[14:57] You decline Octaine Finale - Wild Animal Print Contest from A group member named quadrapop Lane.
[14:57] You decline New Group/Neue Gruppe from A group member named Elsa Helgerud.
[14:57] Marcus Tairov: Yes.
[14:57] Autopilotpatty Poppy: at the AFtrica Africa sim... I believe they have held 3 huge events since it opened this year and it continues yet today. It's a wonderful place to visit and to learn a bit about the needs of the children there
[14:57] LadyGray Hykova: I only wnat people to be awa of what is happening
[14:57] Beq Janus is Online
[14:58] Marcus Tairov: I agree.
[14:58] LadyGray Hykova: aware
[14:58] Autopilotpatty Poppy: yes, of course
[14:58] Autopilotpatty Poppy: It is good that you can get out and about and do this important work, LadyGray
[14:58] You: Yes we have to think about the social part of this wonderful place we are all building
[14:59] Autopilotpatty Poppy: indeed....

This lead to our eviction and banning by two individuals:

Nicholas Garrigus


Lapin Paris

Both refuse to explain why, but its a sad sign of how rascists are gain influence in space in Second Life, determined to make it say and sound as it wants.

I have since read something of an account penned by Lapin Paris: it seems I am Hitler.
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