Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Back Again, blocks of poetry

I rediscover this place, the poetry stones. 2 be narrative on 3D - welcome t, Oslar (231, 20, 86)

TP on by to read, write or publish your writing in SL. Any interesting bit of original writing, welcome.

Me with the Poem block I purchased


Fresh dew still dampens the new leaves and blooms,
the glistening hills ornamented. Soon
the dew will rise, with scents the wind tinting,
intoxicating, and not relenting
until my soul wakes.

I do not want this breaking forth of life.
Give me instead the still of deepest night,
the breezeless silence soft, beckoning sleep.
The silken moonlight on rooftops and leaves
quiets my heartaches.

--Persephone Lednev
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