Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Alhambra in Second Life is stunnig

For anyone who knows someone who does not get Second Life, Alhambra Island will convert almost anyone. Few other places so wonderfully capture the full possibility of virtual reality. I have been to the real thing and exploring a partial virtual reconstruction done to this level of excellence only adds to my appreciation of the cultural wonder that is Alhambra and the legacy of Islamic Spain.

This is how I think Second Life should be executed. The use of Alhambra as a model imposed some discipline and structure up the open free for all of Second Life. To often places seem just randomly place around like this:

The space is often confusing, ugly and dull. Another thing about Alhambra Island is it challenges you. There are stairs to climb, rooms everywhere, doors to open, and yards to walk across. It ofers something so many place in SL don't have: challenge. To many places in SL are empty calories.
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