Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Habermas, the Eternal Radical and my most Alter ALT

Habermas owns not a single weapon, not even a cyberpenis. He is a reaction to all the consumerism and sexuality in Second Life. But I can only stand to occupy this troubled soul for so long. He is the eternal graduate student Anarchist who talks and talks and talks and though I think he is probably right a great deal of the time just being inside of him is exhausting. Needless to say he avoids the strip clubs, escorts, and sex scene, and that is probably best for the people of Second Life. He tends to just rant on about the lack of Radical Critical Discource in the endless mall of Second Life.
I think Habermas is someone I almost became in Second Life, but I had too many bills to pay. He never gave up smoking, still has a pny tail and only has jeans and t-shirts.
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