Wednesday, 27 February 2008

The Friends of Flesher

The Friends of Flesher: Stop the Spread of Slavery Ideology on Second Life!!!!

I think it is time to take a very personal stance on slavery in Second Life.

I am sure I will likely become unpopular among some of my contacts for this but I feel I must make this stand.

Presently slavery is being institutionalised in Second Life. The most aggressive and ugly example is the Gore Culture, which has evolved to a rather large market based neo-tribe where acts of symbolic violence and slavery against women are accepted.

But slavery is throughout Second Life. Slave relationships seem to be cool. As forms of sexual play, private sexual play, they are the personal choice of the person, but many slave pairing are being institutionalised as partners or as owners expressed on profiles.

A large part of Second Life’s AV population is in the role of slave. Patterns of slave ownership are being established and accepted.

Presently it is choice, but in 80 years time as more third world children from Asia, South America and Africa are brought in to virtual reality how will the institutions and patterns of slave play being established now translate in to real exploitation?

Certainly presently the escorts and slaves are doing it by choice, but what if someone finds they can make money selling slaves to men. 100,000LD and you get a slave in Thailand, with Skype and video feeds, for a little extra we will make her a child.

The relationships of slavery is now accepted and established as it is not in RL, the next step is simply forcing people from RL in to these roles. We live in an Golden Age of slavery, and I fear SL is establishing Slavery as a norm. I respect people's desire to develop alternative sexual identities, but these have consequences.

The Friends of Flesher stand against the social pattern of slavery. We know that in SL we are restricted to Symbolic war and we intend to wage war against the assumption that slavery is normal. Slavery is the greatest evil of human history. Modern business wants to re-establish the third world slaves. Pornography is being pushed by market forces to more slavery material. And the world has more slave now than any time in history.

The threat is real!!!

The Friends of Flesher will stand against them.
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