Friday, 29 February 2008

Exosius Woolley: Cloud

Exosius Woolley as a Cloud AV, he also has a Galaxy AV.

Its sad less people in Seond Life don't decide to be things other than genetic supermen and superwomen.
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A community event

Science Friday Circle. A social event forming like RL. Again there is no reason for us to sit in a circle to listen to a radio show as a group. We could all be floating in a big bubble. But those anarchist laws established in RL express themselves in Second Life. Rues that have been worked out without authority in daily life translate well in to Second Life.
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Sitting in on Sciecne Friday

NPR's Science Friday draws a wide range of persona identities.
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Its Sciecne Friday

Science Friday is the most interesting way to listen in NPR's Radio program Science Friday.
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Brilliant in Second Life

Wish it were mine, but it is not.
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Thursday, 28 February 2008

What Are We Building in Second Life

Certainly at this level these are all games like this location. But we are establishing patterns of conduct in play that will be extended beyond play in the future.

Imagine a personality constructed that can't turn SL off stuck in a place like this, used over and over again by rich sadists. The worst nightmares of Science Fictions seem to be evolving in Second Life.

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Second Life the Cost

Cost of having an Anarchist free space like Second Life is that you have an anarchist free space like Second Life. Right now the world's more wealthy are using it, people free to form identities as strange as they like. But what of the future. Could you image a child forced to work in a palce like this.

By the way if you want to visit this interesting place the URL is.
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I Discover a Second LIfe Sport

Slashing and killing campers.
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Wednesday, 27 February 2008

The Friends of Flesher

The Friends of Flesher: Stop the Spread of Slavery Ideology on Second Life!!!!

I think it is time to take a very personal stance on slavery in Second Life.

I am sure I will likely become unpopular among some of my contacts for this but I feel I must make this stand.

Presently slavery is being institutionalised in Second Life. The most aggressive and ugly example is the Gore Culture, which has evolved to a rather large market based neo-tribe where acts of symbolic violence and slavery against women are accepted.

But slavery is throughout Second Life. Slave relationships seem to be cool. As forms of sexual play, private sexual play, they are the personal choice of the person, but many slave pairing are being institutionalised as partners or as owners expressed on profiles.

A large part of Second Life’s AV population is in the role of slave. Patterns of slave ownership are being established and accepted.

Presently it is choice, but in 80 years time as more third world children from Asia, South America and Africa are brought in to virtual reality how will the institutions and patterns of slave play being established now translate in to real exploitation?

Certainly presently the escorts and slaves are doing it by choice, but what if someone finds they can make money selling slaves to men. 100,000LD and you get a slave in Thailand, with Skype and video feeds, for a little extra we will make her a child.

The relationships of slavery is now accepted and established as it is not in RL, the next step is simply forcing people from RL in to these roles. We live in an Golden Age of slavery, and I fear SL is establishing Slavery as a norm. I respect people's desire to develop alternative sexual identities, but these have consequences.

The Friends of Flesher stand against the social pattern of slavery. We know that in SL we are restricted to Symbolic war and we intend to wage war against the assumption that slavery is normal. Slavery is the greatest evil of human history. Modern business wants to re-establish the third world slaves. Pornography is being pushed by market forces to more slavery material. And the world has more slave now than any time in history.

The threat is real!!!

The Friends of Flesher will stand against them.
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Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Habermas, the Eternal Radical and my most Alter ALT

Habermas owns not a single weapon, not even a cyberpenis. He is a reaction to all the consumerism and sexuality in Second Life. But I can only stand to occupy this troubled soul for so long. He is the eternal graduate student Anarchist who talks and talks and talks and though I think he is probably right a great deal of the time just being inside of him is exhausting. Needless to say he avoids the strip clubs, escorts, and sex scene, and that is probably best for the people of Second Life. He tends to just rant on about the lack of Radical Critical Discource in the endless mall of Second Life.
I think Habermas is someone I almost became in Second Life, but I had too many bills to pay. He never gave up smoking, still has a pny tail and only has jeans and t-shirts.
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One of My Second Life ALTs

The Lady is a Special Circumstances ass kicker out of the Anarchist world of Culture. The Lady is an Anarchist who is not interested in mixed words, she is a person of action. My other ALT Habermas Aya may go on and on about liberation of the web but the Lady takes more direct approaches. But mostly she likes to fire her guns.

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Only in Second Life

Sometimes you jsut have to say LOL
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Good Space Usage

Muse Village mainted my Ey Ren meets many of my emerging standards of good functional design in Second Life. The space is organised by a walkway with clear roads and no difficult narrow passes that are hard to get an AV through (you know what I mean). There is plenty of trees to give it an organic feel. Areas are clearly defined as to their purpose and RL metaphors are used to magic SL magic. Sounds are very pleasant with dripping water, church bells and very nice music.

For students of VR design its worth a look.
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Can't Read in Second LIfe

Thank you Miriam for the lovely outfit. There I am at Al Tang 227, 44, 81 Muse centro de esperanto (The Muse Esperanto Centre)

It is described as:

Meeting place for esperanto speaking people. Information on how to learn esperanto.

The land belongs to Ey Ren who has developed a creative area around here worth visiting.

This is a web page given several minutes to render in Second Life, still it can not be read. Oddly from within Second Life you can't really read web pages, which makes SL one of the few places you can't really get the Internet. Before SL can be a real network society this will have to be resolved.
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Sunday, 24 February 2008

The Muse Longhouse (Langhuset)

The Muse Longhouse (Langhuset)

Viking / medieval themed area with old norse and Nordic style. Live music. Norsk Norge Noreg Norway Vikings Stabbur

Its not SIM and probably would be better as one, but a place to change out if you are in to Viking RP. Sadly I have the proper clothing.
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The Muse Church

It is striking how much religion plays a role in the construction of Second Life, as here in the Muse Church.

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