Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Ship in Second Life

Best ship designed I have seen in Second Life is here. I wonder how this ship would perform on Second Life's limited Sim water spaces. If the design features also are backed up by better scripts. This illustrates something, design and perform have no correlation in Second Life. Performance is a function of scripts and scripts alone in Second Life. Second Life's scripting language is LSL. An LSL wiki is here.

This ship also has an interesting owner:

Jo Soosung
9/16/2006 (A year longer than me, pretty old for Second Life)

I am JoYAY!excuse my humour and spelling, both are terribleyes, I'm a shemale, be nice and say hi

From Jo's profile I also found an interesting place

Shemale Sex Palace: Free Sex & Dancing Club, Sex Beds & Dungeon

If you took the log from just one night at the Shemale Sex Palace and gave it to a 1000 monkeys, they would produce a Shakespeare novel in no time!! or at least a good movie.

Shemale Sex Palace, Shemale Sex Palace: Free Sex & Dancing Club, Sex Beds & Dungeon, Digeut (124, 115, 63)
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