Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Ship in Second Life

Best ship designed I have seen in Second Life is here. I wonder how this ship would perform on Second Life's limited Sim water spaces. If the design features also are backed up by better scripts. This illustrates something, design and perform have no correlation in Second Life. Performance is a function of scripts and scripts alone in Second Life. Second Life's scripting language is LSL. An LSL wiki is here.

This ship also has an interesting owner:

Jo Soosung
9/16/2006 (A year longer than me, pretty old for Second Life)

I am JoYAY!excuse my humour and spelling, both are terribleyes, I'm a shemale, be nice and say hi

From Jo's profile I also found an interesting place

Shemale Sex Palace: Free Sex & Dancing Club, Sex Beds & Dungeon

If you took the log from just one night at the Shemale Sex Palace and gave it to a 1000 monkeys, they would produce a Shakespeare novel in no time!! or at least a good movie.

Shemale Sex Palace, Shemale Sex Palace: Free Sex & Dancing Club, Sex Beds & Dungeon, Digeut (124, 115, 63)
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Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Little Green Men in Second Life

My position on the in world Second Life Map. The green dots represent people. This information often misleading because Second Life is very 3-D and this map shows people displayed in 2-D. Often large clusters of people, that is fun, are higher up then you can fly. Though most things are shops and not private clubs and you can generally always get in.

The cluster of green dots shows the emerging cultural density of Second Life. At specific times there are hundreds if not thousands of things happening in Second Life. If people can find it there is a social event for almost any identity.
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Beach Front in Second Life

Beach front property is a very popular simulation in Second Life. Water is the symbolic representation of a place where no server connection exists in the Grid. But waterfront land is popular even though it has limited access. Being isolated in the Grid in waterfront property or even an Island is popular in Second Life because space is experience via search and teleport and not as a metaphor of space.
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Friday, 25 January 2008

Dancing in Second Life

Dancing in Second Life.
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Dancing in Second Life

Dancing in a French Club in Second Life.
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New Dream Rentals - Japanese themed community

New Dream Rentals - Japanese themed community in Second Life

Optimized for the Windlight Viewer!!! Japanese themed comunity. Homes houses for rent! Opened on 12/06/2007 (9:29PM SLT)
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Shoes Shoes Shoes

Even in Second Life shoes are important.
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Low Cost Low Prim Tiki Furniture in Second Life

Its true!!!! Come down and see the low cost low prim TIKI furniture. A space wih strong colors works very well in Second Life. To much stuff is mixed colors and looks like baby shit.
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louferrigno holmer **PARADISE BEACH ***

louferrigno holmer **PARADISE BEACH *** Another place in Second Life claiming to be a paradise.
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Above the Club

This garden is above the club. Under the water is a series of dance clubs. Cool concept.
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Identity play in Second Life

I play with identity in Second Life, electing to be a non-human makes you a non-sexual identity in Second Life. You taking on an identity becomes a process of pure play, you can go where you want and act up but its hard to form society with such an identity.

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Koncept is an underwater paradise! A dance club, a romantic undersea garden and above the waves a cool shopping area. New attra

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Empty, Nautilus_8v4 (10, 72, 1)

This space, shown from the SL Map is empty, it is public land held by LL which has no prims and presently no use or owners.

This is the true frontier of SL Nautilus is the second youngest of major land masses but as you can see from the green dots it is already often populated.
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This place promises to be the final paradise. The place says:


Once you find Paradise, you never want to leave.

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SVU Animations: Hardcore Identity

SVU sells sexual animations that are pretty standard along with body parts that constitute identity creation.

Camping around a shisha. The woman in purple is a standard out of the box av you see camping all the time as people create avs so they can have dozens camp and collect pennies in to linden dollars.

SUV shop provides some pretty hard core RP, providing a space that people can construct identity in to that RL would consider criminal. I find it strange that in a culture where you can buy games that involve killing hundreds of people hard core sexual RP is often criticised. Its okay for 13 year old kids to kill all day on an XBox but violent sex play in Second Life is another matter.

Still something about these blood animations is disturbing, mostly for me because it makes violence so comical.
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Second Life can be lovely

The experience of virtual reality can be wonderful, even in the context of commerce. In fact traditional powers of trade and religion can produce wonderful things, if people care about what they produce.

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My Second Life Dream

I paint in RL and write. No one has ever implied I was wasting my life when I take out my watercolour set. Actually I spend almost all my vactions painting, drawing and writing. Am I wasting my time?

A virtal space is a space ruled by culture, like a painting. If we could learn to live in SL as artists and not just managers?
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A Public Ocean

Crossing a public ocean owned by Linden Labs. The water is less interesting than a bath or glass of water. Linden Labs should fill waters with creatures of imagination and fancy. I have seen very few monsters or massive creatures and this place should be wild.
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End of another Big Island

I come to the end of this un-named new mass Island in the North of Second Life.
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