Monday, 24 December 2007

Man Lands on Second Life Moon

On day ahead of schedule the drop ship H. G. Wells has linked up with the moon lander, and Rober1236 Jua has landed on the Moon of Second Life. This is the first image taken from the surface of the moon beamed back to Second Life. Behind Mr Jua, a gentleman serving without rank in the New Babbage Space Armada, one can see the Second Life planet of Lindania rising over the surface of the moon.

The flag is a universal flag selected to represent principles guiding a free and sustainable Internet. The place is the symbol of anarchy. The mission was based on the idea, shared by most citizens of Second Life that the Internet must be a place governed by freedom of expression and conduct and beyond the read and governance of any state. Though Mr Jua is a Gentlemen associated with the New Babbage Space Armada and has a residency in New Babbage he conducted this entire expedition from his own costs and in the name of all avatars on Second Life regardless of their identity and SIMS. The Green in the flag represents the need for a sustainable Internet that can continue to grow in the age of global warming and carbon reduction. Anarchy is the only system that can create a freer social system out of the information exchange of the Internet and Mr Jua is opposed to all efforts to inform TOC beyond the most fundamentally necessary upon the Internet and against all censorship that is spreading on the Internet. But without sustainability the Internet will never have times to meet these goals.

This is truly a historic event for all the AV of Second Life. Now we can all see that we are one in a mass effort to create a new reality, a reality surrounded by a Space we don't fully govern, understand or sadly even pay much attention to.

Mr Jua has worked to open up this space and to establish a "Heavens" around Second Life.

Mr Jua has sent greeting of "Happy Christmas", though himself an atheist he stated "the idea of a child's birth saving the world is something that all humans can share." Though he does not believe in a God he believes that a child can be Prince of the world and that the new community of Second Life will someday find a Spiritual King which will turn if from a band in to a family united in respect, patience and love.
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