Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Turning Japanese in Second Life

Turning Japanese in Second Life

Its seems pretty obvious when you think about it, but what Second Life really offers is a potential realm of infinite play, where you can not only visit a wide range of places but you can try a wide range of identities.

I myself never took much to role play. But I love dress up and identity swapping. The opportunity to walk through a Japanese village in a kimono is more than I can resist. When I was in Japan I would have given anything to be able to do this without being laughed at.

Perhaps that is what makes Second Life different than RL in the end, in Second Life no one laughs at you for stepping out of narrow conventional lines of identity. You have a laboratory to experiment with more selves, as Lacan said to suture yourself in to culture in more ways than the demands of culture and taboo will normally allow you to.

It’s a collect dream. Again to use Lacan term a jointly produced Imaginary space not as restricted by the “Law of the Father”. But there are laws that govern our enjoyment of Second Life, the ruthless economy of Prims and the terrible limits of Lag are the Oedipus complexes of Second Life.
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