Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Shopping is a Major Part of the Second LIfe Experience

I stumble across a mass shopping arcade. These structures are familiar to any long time resident of Second Life, where people can consume, for little money, the pieces that construct one's identify in Second Life. Second Life takes the logic of late Capitalism to its final conclusion where the entire process of identity formation and refinement is a consumer activity. These malls sell identity to players who refine their AVs over time by spending money. Having Linden Dollars is an essential part of identity. And people with payments on records, myself included, often become a bit snobbism compared to Newbies who have done everything out of the box. Hair is radically important in Second Life identity formation and after hair one generally has to select clothing, skin, and sexual organs that reflect an imagine of the personality one is constructing.

The personality I have made is part accident and part design. All the major pieces of me, my hair and skin, were not shopped by me but selected via different phases through the unwinding story of the self. That still means it is being consumed. My clothing is where my vanity really shows, and Rober Jua is a extreme dandy with many formal outfits. I had a friend on SL tell me recently I looked good in jeans. Normally Rober has on a suit, a tartin, 18th Century formal dance clothing or some other extreme productions.
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