Monday, 1 October 2007

My Alt in Second Life

Linden Labs suggests that everyone get an ALT or alternative personality who can essentailly DR many of your things and give you a presence if, and it happens, if your primary is destroyed.

I find my ALTs, I have a couple, all take on different personalities. This ATL, who I won't name, is very serious, he uses Second Life as a place to meet fellow researchers, attend lectures, and explore information on science and technology. This ALT is entirely my academic self, including my tendency to some radical ideas about the dangers of the Internet gained from post-modernist writers.

A true story is that one time a woman I meet said that ALTs are just different copies of yourself. I responded by having 3 primary ALTs together at once and they all started fighting and insulting each other. 2 gained up on one. The thing was it was not really acting, different parts of my personality were fighting it out in Second Life.

Rober1236 Jua is my romanic care free artistic side and he is the side of me that used to go on long treks around the world, and that is why he is the one going around Second Life. He is also the one with the extensive social network IMing him as to where he has been. If this ALT was to go trekking he would have to TP back to attend a Open Science meeting, or zoom off to see an exhibit of new technology.

They do share a love of folkflore and story telling, the one thing they have in common and both go to such events, though not together.
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