Sunday, 7 October 2007

Is Second Life Just Slutty

And relieve its another sex joint, LOL.

So far I have to admit that almost all the familiar places I have accidentally found by walking through Second Life as it exists as a space have had to do with sex. This brings home just how important sexuality is to Second Life. One can not understate the role that sexuality plays in an alternate reality in which, oddly enough, people can't have sex.

Or do they.

I was talking to a friend over if Second Life is real or not tonight. We agreed that it is as real as thoughts and thoughts are real, so Second Life is real. I would say it is as real as the theory of gravity or the Roman Empire, both constructed social ideas.

But she said most people in Second Life seem to say it is not real.

To which I said they don't want it to be real. And she agreed. Many users of Second Life want it to be a sanctuary, they want it to be unreal so they can do what they want without consequences. But there is an old saying in Second Life: Real People, Real Emotions.

People close to me in RL dismiss SL as just people playing each other all the time. Certainly there is an element to this and my trek is showing to me the critical role sex play has in Second Life's culture. Is it just a player sex zone? Sure looks that way more and more.
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